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Updated June 14, 2014
Learn more Spanish words by reading real Spanish
Spanish Pronto Book Store Real Spanish children's book for sale (Anthology of tongue-twisters)
Spanish Pronto blog
Making it cool to learn Spanish (mostly music and lyrics)
The 175 most common Spanish words, by part of speech for easy learning
The 175 most common Spanish words, alphabetically for easy reference
Alphabet Spanish alphabet letters, letter names, and letter name pronunciation
Reflecting the changes to all of these which were officially approved at the end of 2010.
Sayings Dichos, refranes, sayings, proverbs, literally translated and explained
Arabic Dozens of the many Arabic words in Spanish
Jokes Some Spanish jokes with accompanying English translation
Learning Tools Web sites, books, and ideas for Spanish study and reference
Basics Pronunciation, useful phrases, gender, regular and a few irregular verbs
Español desde cero
Spanish from the beginning, a crash course in basic Spanish
Ask Spanish Pronto Get answers to your Spanish questions

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