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(Just 10 words per day, 5 days per week, for 10 weeks.)

(Just 10 words per day, 5 days per week, for 50 weeks.)

THIS IS NOT a traditional language course. (There are are enough of those already.) No canned dialogues, no fill-in-the-blanks, no quizzes, no droning on and on and on about grammar (except where it absolutely can't be helped). Some people will prefer a traditional course, others will prefer this approach. Most of us, though, if we are truly going to become fluent, will end up using various courses, approaches, and techniques, learning what we can from each one.

THESE DAILY LESSONS are (usually) SHORT LESSONS, presenting:

  • 10 VOCABULARY WORDS (occasionally more), followed by
  • usually BRIEF NOTES on proper usage, and
  • EXAMPLE PHRASES using the vocabulary in context, which provide the opportunity to learn even more words

This excerpt from one page of the course (lesson 31) will give you some idea of the style, format, and content (click to enlarge):


$6/month $25/year


THE AUTHOR of this course is Chris Marquardt. (Hello.) I have worked, since 1999, as a Spanish (and English) interpreter, mostly medical appointments, but also other small and large meetings, and as a translator. I passed the American Translators Association tests to become a Certified Translator for Spanish-to-English translations and to become a Certified Translator for English-to-Spanish translations, but I have since left most translating and let my certifications lapse. Still, the knowledge is still there, and it is in this course, too.

All those little truly important and useful things I know about Spanish, I have incorporated into everything I present to you here, whether in overt or subtle ways. What I am saying here is that you will benefit, in this course, from my deep knowledge of Spanish and my own experience of decades of perfecting my own Spanish knowledge. Also, unlike many other courses out there, I won't tell you, for example, that "crimen" means "crime," when in Spanish it really means "murder" (with the possible exception of the term "crimen organizado" ['organized crime']), nor will I otherwise mislead you through lack of knowledge about how Spanish is correctly spelled or correctly used outside of the United States and Puerto Rico (both places where the English influence can make the Spanish unrecognizable to native Spanish speakers in Mexico, Spain, or any of the other Spanish-speaking countries).

IN SHORT, I CAN GUIDE YOU to LEARNING SPANISH CORRECTLY. Too many other courses will, unfortunately, steer you wrong. Learning a language is already challenging enough. Understanding how to speak it correctly already takes plenty of time. I, for one, would hate to waste time learning lots of incorrect information that I later would have to try to unlearn. Although I can't promise this course contains no errors (I wish), I can tell you that is so rich in little, highly accurate details, that you will, often without even realizing it, be learning many, many sophisticated and nuanced aspects of Spanish that you really just won't get in any other Spanish course.

THE FIRST 500 WORDS course is AVAILABLE NOW (although lessons 32-36 are being written between now and early July, lessons 1 to 31 are already done). It consists of 36 lessons, one of which includes 125 TRUE COGNATES—words that look the same in both languages AND also mean the same thing in both languages—and the other 35 lessons include 375 additional words, for a total of 500 Spanish of the most commonly used Spanish words.

GET A START ON SPANISH NOW and ORDER THE FIRST 500 WORDS COURSE for just $25/year or $6/month (10 day free trial)! (Must be 18 to order.)


$6/month $25/year


NOTE FOR NERDS: Although these courses track quite closely with lists of the most common Spanish words, the first 500 words course is not precisely words numbers 1 to 500 on a Spanish word frequency list. It is more accurately about 700+ words (when counting otro, otra, otros, and otras as 4 words, even though I have presented them all under 'otro' and counted them as 1 word), which appear in positions 1 to 9473, but about 75% of which are truly from the first 700+ words. So, sometimes, a really common word or two you expected to see in the "first 500 words" lessons may not appear until the "second 500 words" lessons. However, as compensation for that, important words you might not otherwise have learned until later will sometimes appear sooner. For the really technical folks out there, then, the first 2,500 words will indeed be at least 2,500 words, and probably 80% or better will really be from positions 1 to 2,500 on a Spanish word frequency list. IN SHORT, in these courses YOU WILL LEARN 2,500+ SPANISH WORDS (probably closer to 3,500, depending on how you count them [see 'otro' above]) and the vast majority of those words will be, almost entirely and truly, THE MOST COMMON SPANISH WORDS.

Thank you.


$6/month $25/year


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Created -- 2017-06-22
Revised -- 2018-06-18