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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 11 to 20 to know in Spanish:

a  (personal 'a'—no English equivalent); to; at

del  of the; from the [de + el = del]

al  to the; at the [a + el = al]

se  is/are ______-ed [passive voice]; yourself(formal)/himself/herself/itself/yourselves(formal)/themselves/each other [reflexive]

un  a, an; one

una  a, an; one

uno  one

unos  some

unas  some

dos  two

Words pronunciation: 0:23 (23s)

The Spanish "personal 'a'" is the use of the word 'a' (to)—which is usually used with indirect objects (e.g., I send it to Bob [Lo envío a Bob.])—but in front of specific direct objects that are human, or otherwise thought of as having a soul (animate).

veo el gato  I see the cat

veo a Fluffy  I see Fluffy

se hace así  it is done like this (this is how you do it)

se habla español  Spanish is spoken (here)

se llama David  he calls himself David (i.e., his name is David)

se cree la última Coca-Cola del desierto  he believes himself (to be) the last Coca-Cola in the desert (i.e., he thinks he's all that and a bag of chips; he has a very high opinion of himself)

"Un" is really just "uno" shortened for use immediately before a masculine noun (or "una" shortened for use immediately before a feminine noun beginning with a stressed 'a' or stressed 'ha' ['h' is silent]).

one (male) cat  un gato (Never "uno gato"!)

one (female) cat  una gata

some cats (at least one of which is male)  unos gatos

some cats (all of them female)  unas gatas

Examples pronunciation: 0:38 (38s)

To count male cats (or cats of unknown gender):  "uno, dos, tres…"

To count female cats:  "una, dos, tres…"

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