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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 411 to 420 to know in Spanish:

guerra  war

paz  f. peace

desarrollo  development

sentido  sense; direction; meaning; heartfelt, deeply felt (sentido, sentida, sentidos, sentidas)

cambio  change, exchange; over [CB radio, walkie-talkies, etc.]  cambio y fuera  over and out

mano  f. hand

San  Saint _____ (San, Santa)

gente  f. people

cuerpo  body; corps; corpse

obra  work

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'Mano,' despite ending in '-o,' is feminine: la mano. To describe the 'little hands' of a child, the term is 'las manitas' (which does end in '-a').

'Gente' translates as 'people,' but 'gente' is singular!! ! This is why a Spanish speaker might say "the people goes to the store" in English. English speakers usually make the reverse mistake in Spanish. Or, put another way, "the people goes" would be correct in Spanish: "la gente va" (NOT 'van'). If you can get this correct from the beginning, it will put you far ahead of most English speakers.

One way to say someone is a nice person is to say that person "es buena gente," or that those people "son buena gente."

In medical or biological contexts, it is common to talk about 'the body' as 'el organismo' instead of as 'el cuerpo.'

'Obra' is work as in 'a work of art' ('una obra de arte'), or 'the [construction] worksite' ('la obra'). It is work in the sense of something being created, or in the sense of the thing created.

ella es fanática de "Viaje a las estrellas" y él de "La guerra de las galaxias"  she is a fan of "Star Trek" and he, of "Star Wars"

Óscar Arias Sánchez, Nobel de la paz y antiguo presidente de Costa Rica  Óscar Arias Sánchez, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President of Costa Rica

ella trabaja para una ONG que colabora con países en desarrollo  she works for an NGO that works with developing countries

(reciba/reciban) nuestro más sentido pésame por el fallecimiento de su marido  (please accept) our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your husband

"Príncipe Azul para Mujer Maravilla. Cambio." "Príncipe Azul, aquí Mujer Maravilla. Cambio."  "Prince Charming calling Wonder Woman. Over." "Prince Charming, this is Wonder Woman. Over."

debes lavarte las manos antes de comer  you should wash your hands before eating

San Cristóbal [krees-TOH-bahl] es el santo patrón de los viajeros  Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

la gente quiere un cambio  the people want change

luego pasaron dos años como voluntarios en el Cuerpo de Paz  then they spent two years as volunteers in the Peace Corps

muchos lo consideran una obra de arte  many consider it (to be) a work of art

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