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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 206 to 215 to know in Spanish:

ayer  yesterday

hoy  today

mañana  tomorrow; morning f.; future m.

pasado m.  past

años m.  years

meses m.  months

semana f.  week

día m.  day

noche f.  night

hora f.  hour; time

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'Mañana,' on its own, means tomorrow. 'La mañana' means '(the) morning.' 'El mañana' means '(the) future.'

'The day before yesterday' is, in most places, 'anteayer.' In Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela, 'antier' is also used, or is even more common.

'El día' (day) is masculine and 'la noche' (night) is feminine. Coincidentally, this is exactly the relationship between 陽 (阳) 'yáng' and 陰 (阴) 'yīn,' if that helps.

mañana por la mañana  tomorrow morning ('tomorrow in the morning')

pasado mañana  the day after tomorrow

mañana o pasado (mañana)  tomorrow or the day after (tomorrow)

la semana pasada  last week

de hoy en ocho  one week from today ('eight (days) from today' [always counting today as the first day])

de hoy en quince  two weeks from today ('fifteen (days) from today')

hoy en día  nowadays

las mil y una noches  (the) one thousand and one nights

¿quĂ© hora es?  what time is it?

es la una  it is one o'clock

son las (dos, tres, cuatro, …)  it is (two, three, four, …) o'clock

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