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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 186 to 195 to know in Spanish:

este/estos  this/these; this one/these ones [to refer to 'masculine' things]

esta/estas  this/these; this one/these ones [to refer to 'feminine' things]

esto  this [to refer to 'neuter' things]

ese/esos  that/those; that one/those ones [m.]

esa/esas  that/those; that one/those ones [f.]

eso  that [n.]

él/ellos  he/they; it/they

ella/ellas  she/they; it/they


usted/ustedes  you(formal)/you all(formal)

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Notice that all the words for 'this' or 'these' have a 't' in them, while the words for 'that' or 'those' do not.

'Esto' and 'eso' do not refer to things, but to what was said, to what has happened, or to some other abstract idea.

When using these, those, or they, use the feminine forms if every person (or thing) referred to is feminine, and the masculine forms if at least one person (or thing) referred to is male.

'Tú' is used to say 'you' when addressing a friend, a child, or someone you are close to. 'Usted' (and 'ustedes') is used to say 'you' (and 'you all') when addressing a superior, someone significantly older than you, or someone you are not close to.

There are many variations on this. In Costa Rica, parents address their small children as 'usted,' so they will learn to address everyone around them—usually people older than them—politely. Spaniards address each other as 'tú' immediately, but Mexicans tend to stick with 'usted' for a very, very long time.

este carro es mejor que esos  this car is better than those ones

esto que dices tiene sentido  what you say makes sense ("this that you say has sense")

¡eso!  that's it!, that's how you do it!, just like that!, good job!

no quiere hablar de eso  he does not want to talk about that

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