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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 276 to 285 to know in Spanish:

cada  each, every

primero  first (primer, primero, primera, primeros, primeras)

segundo  second (segundo, segunda, segundos, segundas);  segundo(s)  second(s) [time]

tres  three

cuatro  four

cinco five

último  last, latest (último, última, últimos, últimas)

medio  half (medio, media, medios, medias);  medios  means; media;  media(s)  stocking(s); sock(s)

cuanto  as much, as much as, all (cuanto, cuanta, cuantos, cuantasen cuanto  as soon as

cuánto  how much?, how many?, how long?, how far? (cuánto, cuánta, cuántos, cuántas);  cada cuánto how often?

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'Primero' is shortened to 'primer' when used immediately before a masculine noun.

"Cuanto," without an accent, is used to mean "as much as" or "all." "Cuánto," with an accent, is a question word, used to ask or express uncertainty about a quantity or quantities, time, distance, or an interval.

primer apellido  first last name (last name from father's male line)

segundo apellido  second last name (last name from mother's male line; mother's maiden name)

me pagan cada quincena  they pay me every two weeks ('they pay me every fifteen days' = fortnight = fourteen nights)

es lo último  it's the latest thing

la reunión es a las cinco y media  the meeting is at 5:30

en cuanto yo lo reciba, te lo doy  as soon as I receive it, I will give it to you

le dieron todo cuanto necesitaba  they gave him everything he needed

la visito cada cuanto  I visit her every so often

¿cuántos años tiene usted?  how old are you? ('how many years do you have')

¿cuánto tienes de vivir aquí?  how long have you lived here? ('how much [time] do you have of living here')

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