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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 481 to 490 to know in Spanish:

verdad  f. truth  (de verdad real; really, for real)

podría  he/she/it/you(formal) could; I could

sería  he/she/it/you(formal) would be; I would be

equipo  team; equipment

español  m. Spanish, Castilian; m. or f. Spaniard; Spanish (español, española, españoles, españolas)

palabra  word

libro  book

papel  m. paper; part, role [in a drama]

puerta  door

diez  ten

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"Podría" is the conditional (could/would) form of the verb "poder" (can, to be able to). "Sería" is the conditional form of the verb "ser" (to be [essence, defining characteristics]).

"Equipo" can be a sports team, a work team, a set of equipment, or a single piece of equipment.

¿¿de verdad quieres ir conmigo a la fiesta navideña de la oficina??  do you really want to come with me to the office Christmas party??

él no podría estar más de acuerdo con tu propuesta  he couldn't be more in agreement with your proposal (i.e., he is 100% in agreement with what you propose to do)

sería interesante intentarlo y ver si funciona  it would be interesting to try it and see if it works

para realizar el experimento solo hace falta conseguir el equipo de laboratorio necesario  to carry out the experiment we just need to secure the necessary laboratory equipment ('only it is lacking to obtain the necessary laboratory equipment')

el español es muy parecido al portugués  Spanish is very similar to Portuguese (o espanhol é muito parecido com o português)

muchas de las palabras del español que empiezan con "a" o "al" son de origen árabe  many of the words in Spanish that begin with "a" or "al" are of Arabic origin

los libros se compran en la librería y se prestan en la biblioteca  books are bought at the book store [librería] and they are borrowed ('lent') at the library [biblioteca]

en esta película ella interpreta el papel de la nuera  in this movie she plays the role of the daughter-in-law

al oír que el timbre no sonaba, Ana decidió tocar la puerta  hearing that the doorbell did not ring, Ana decided to knock on the door

diez por diez son cien, diez por cien son mil  ten times ten is ('are') one hundred, ten times one hundred is one thousand

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