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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 511 to 520 to know in Spanish:

cierto   (cierto, cierta, ciertos, ciertas)

real  (real, reales)

claro  (claro, baja, bajos, bajas)

Manuel  a common given name for boys. Related to Immanuel, Emanuel, and others. Feminine form: Manuela.

García  a common Spanish surname, probably from a Basque surname meaning "young." The most popular Spanish surname in the United States, in the top 10 of all U.S. surnames.

Miguel  a common given name for boys. Related to Michel, Michael, and others. Feminine form: Micaela (or, less common, Miguela).

Pedro  a common given name for boys. Related to Pierre, Peter, and others. Feminine form: Petra.

Francisco  a common given name for boys. Related to François, Francis, and others. Feminine form: Francisca.

Fernando  a common given name for boys. Related to Ferdinand. Feminine form: Fernanda.

Felipe  a common given name for boys. Related to Philippe, Philip, and others. Feminine form: Felipa.

Although these might not technically be considered Spanish words, they do appear between positions 293 and 800 of the 10,000 most common Spanish words list, so they are worth mentioning, whether because they are super common or because they are names of political figures who appeared frequently in the press (e.g., longtime prime minister Felipe González, served 1982-1996). Why are the most commonly appearing names only male? Sexism. I have included feminine forms of these names to balance it out a little, but that does not make these names the most common names for girls.

A list from 2020 gives the most common names for baby girls in Spain as: 1. Lucía, 2. Sofía, 3. Martina, 4. María, 5. Julia, 6. Paula, 7. Valeria, 8. Emma, 9. Daniela, and 10. Carla (versus Hugo, Mateo, Martín, Lucas, Leo, Daniel, Alejandro, Manuel, Pablo, and Álvaro for baby boys in Spain). In Mexico, the list from 2021 is: 1. Sofía/Sophia, 2. Regina, 3. Valentina, 4. Victoria, 5. Isabella, 6. Camila, 7. Emma, 8. Romina, 9. Renata, 10. Natalia/Nathalia (versus Santiago, Mateo, Leonardo, Matías, Sebastián, Emiliano, Diego, Liam, Emilio, and Alejandro, for baby boys in Mexico). It is also possible to find similar popular baby name lists for the other Spanish-speaking countries or even for individual states, provinces, etc., of those countries.

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