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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 461 to 470 to know in Spanish:

humano  human (humano, humana, humanos, humanas)

joven  m. or f. young person (joven, jóvenes); young

vivir  to live; living

médico  doctor, physician (médico, médica); medical (médico, médica, médicos, médicas)

enfermedad  f. disease, illness, sickness

dolor  m. pain

cuadro square; painting  (cuadro clínico set of symptoms (of a patient or of a disease))

tratamiento  treatment

operación  f. operation

tomar  to drink, to take; drinking, taking

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'Humano' is pronounced 'oo-MAH-noh,' not 'hyooh-MAH-noh,' nor 'yooh-MAH-noh.' 'H' is always silent in most varieties of Spanish. 'S' and 'z' never make the English 'z' sound. 'U' is always 'oo,' never 'yoo,' even in 'universidad' (oo-nee-behr-see-DAHD) and 'ocupado' (oh-coo-PAH-doh). Spanish is not English. Avoid prouncing Spanish words as though they were English ones. No 'h' sound, no 'z' sound, no 'yoo' sound (except when written as 'iu,' such as in 'ciudad,' 'ciudadano,' 'triunfo,' or 'viuda.').

el joven the young man; la joven the young woman

los humanos ganaron dos a cero a los extraterrestres  the humans beat the extraterrestrials two to zero

ella demostró sus habilidades en las matemáticas desde muy joven  she demonstrated her mathematical abilities from a very early age ('since very young')

prefiero vivir una vida tranquila  I prefer to live a quite life

la médica siempre le recomienda hacer más ejercicio  the doctor always recommends that he exercise more

la tuberculosis es la primera causa mundial de muerte por enfermedades infecciosas  tuberculosis (TB) is the number one cause of death by infectious disease in the world [caused by a single agent]

eso es el perdón: recordar sin dolor  that is what forgiveness is: remembering without pain —"Ríe y llora," Celia Cruz

el cuadro clínico de esta paciente es muy interesante  the symptoms presented by this patient are very interesting

los nuevos tratamientos no son necesariamente los mejores  new treatments are not necessarily the best treatments

luego de la operación la cirujana salió del quirófano  after the operation, the surgeon came out from the operating room

tómese dos aspirinas y llámeme mañana por la mañana  take two aspirin and call me in the morning ('tomorrow in the morning')

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