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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 421 to 430 to know in Spanish:

modo  way, manner  (ni modo (Mexico)  "oh, well", "that's just how it is", "there's nothing that can be done about it")

modelo  model

mediante  through, by means of

medida  measure

pasar  to spend (time); to pass  (pasarla bien to have a good time ['to spend it well'])

paso  step; I spend (time); I pass

pasa  dried fruit, raisin; he/she/it spends (time), you(formal) spend (time); he/she/it passes, you(formal) pass

pasó  he/she/it/you(formal) spent (time); he/she/it/you(formal) passed

camino  way; road

plan  m. plan

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The opposite of 'ni modo' would be '¿sí, se puede!' ('yes, it can be done!'), which translates most often as 'yes, we can!'

'Modelo' can mean any kind of model, in which case it is masculine: 'el modelo.' When it means a female fashion model, it is feminine: 'la modelo' (the '-o' ending does not change).

'Medida' means both kinds of measure: a measurement (or act of measuring) and an action taken to produce an intended result.

'Raisins' are usually simply 'pasas,' but can also more specifically be called 'pasas de uva' ('dried grapes') to distinguish them from other kinds of dried fruit.

The proper translation of 'that's the way (uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it)' is not 'ese es el camino…' ('that is the road…') but rather 'así es (como me gusta)' ['it is like that (how it is pleasing to me)'].

Words ending in vowels add an '-s' to become plural, and words ending in consonants add an '-es,' so plans, in Spanish, are 'planes' [PLAH-nayss].

ya tiene el sueño; ahora falta encontrar el modo de lograrlo  you already have your dream ('the dream'); now you just need to find ('now it is lacking to find') the way to achieve it

como modelo ha podido viajar a todas partes del mundo  as a model she has been able to travel all over the world ('to all parts of the world')

mediante una serie de argumentos logró convencer al jurado  through a series of arguments, he succeeded in convincing the jury

para combatir el problema adoptaron medidas correctivas  in order to combat the problem, they adopted corrective measures

van a pasar unos meses en Argentina  they are going to spend a few months in Argentina

en el video les explica los pasos a seguir  in the video she explains (to them) the steps to follow

P: ¿qué pasa, calabaza? R: nada, nada, limonada  (Q: 'what's happening, pumpkin? A: nothing at all, lemonade')*

*English has something similar for saying good-bye: "See you later, alligator!" "After awhile, crocodile!"

¿qué pasó?  what's wrong?, what's the matter? (i.e., why are you crying?)

las misiones de California están conectadas por el Camino Real  the California missions are connected by the Royal Road

"¿tienes planes esta noche?" "hasta ahora, ninguno, ¿por qué?"  "do you have (any) plans tonight" "none, so far, why?"

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