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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 176 to 185 to know in Spanish:

sobre  on; above; about [topic]

entre  between; among

cuando  when*, whenever

hasta  until; up to, as far as

desde  since; (starting) from

donde  where*, wherever

ahora  now

después de  after;  después  afterwards, later

durante  during; for [time period]

siempre  always

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For most cases where, in English, one might say "from…to…," it is most common, in Spanish, to say "de…a…." "Desde…hasta…" is used less frequently.

*"Cuando" and "donde," without accents, are used to mean "when" and "where" in situations when/where ; ) no one is unsure of, or asking about, a time or a place. To ask or express uncertainty about a time or a place, these words must be accented: cuándo  when(?), dónde  where(?)

todo sobre mi madre  all about my mother

entre la espada y la pared  "between the sword and the wall" (between a rock and a hard place)

voy donde me mandan  I go where they send me

no sé dónde están  I do not know where they are

¿cuándo es?  when is it?

sabe contar hasta diez  he knows how to count up to ten

después del almuerzo  after lunch

después te llamo  I will call you later

cinco años después  five years later

durante seis años estudió medicina  for six years she studied medicine

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