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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 31 to 40 to know in Spanish:

con  with

sin  without

si  if, whether


más  more

menos  less

todo  everything (todo, toda, todos, todas  all)

todos, todas  everyone, all of us/you/them (use 'todas' only when 'everyone' is female)

nada  nothing, anything

nadie  nobody, no one, anybody, anyone

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'Sí' (yes) has an accent to distinguish it from 'if' (si). There is no difference in pronunciation, but there probably will be a difference in intonation.

Similarly, 'más' (more) has an accent only to distinguish it from an infrequently used word for 'but' (mas).

ahora entiendo todo  now I understand everything

toda la familia  the whole family (all the family)

todos sus amigos  all their friends

todos son bienvenidos  everyone is welcome

no es nada  it's nothing, it's not anything

no come nada  he doesn't eat nothing (jk: anything; there is no separate word for anything in Spanish)

nadie canta como ella  nobody sings like her (technically 'she,' but 'nadie' says that)

canta mejor que nadie  she sings better than nobody anybody

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