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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 306 to 315 to know in Spanish:

contra  against; (en contra (de)  against)

favor  favor; (a favor (de)  for, in favor of)

hacia  toward(s)

mientras  while; as long as, unless

frente  m. (the) front; f. forehead; prep. front, facing

tras  following, after, behind

dentro  inside

fuera  outside

bajo  under, low (bajo, baja, bajos, bajas)

lado  side

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'Favor' is also used in 'por favor' ('please'). 'Por favor' is used much less in Spanish than 'please' is in English. An English sign, for example, might say 'please drive carefully,' but a Spanish sign would just say 'drive carefully' ('maneje con cuidado'). To make 'por favor' cute or informal (not too different from 'pretty please' in English), it can be shortened to 'porfa,' but only in informal situations (and probably not by grown men).

'Mientras' means 'while' with indicative verbs (i.e., verbs used in one of the tenses of the indicative mood) and means 'as long as' with subjunctive verbs. Briefly, indicative tenses describe actions that (certainly) have taken, are taking, or will take place; subjunctive tenses describe actions that (might) have taken, (might) be taking, or (might) take place. For example:

Indicative ("sigues"): mientras tú sigues estudiando, yo prepararé la cena  while you continue studying [you are (certainly) continuing to study], I will make dinner

Subjunctive ("sigas"): mientras sigas estudiando, debes de sacar una buena nota en el examen  as long as you continue studying [you might continue to study], you ought to get a good grade on the test

Subjunctive with "no": mientras no sigas estudiando, no vas a aprobar el examen  unless you continue studying, you are not going to pass the test

'El frente' is 'the front' of something (or the battle lines in a war). 'La frente' is 'the forehead.'

Especially in Latin America, 'dentro' can be expressed as 'adentro' and 'fuera' as 'afuera.'

el voto fue de diez en contra y ocho a favor  the vote was ten against and eight in favor (i.e., the vote was ten to eight against)

dicen que no están en contra de la idea  they say they are not against the idea

la vi hace una hora caminando hacia el bosque  I saw her an hour ago walking towards the forest

Camila escucha música mientras trabaja  Camila listens to music while she works

él le quitó las lágrimas y la besó en la frente  he wiped away ('took away') her tears and kissed her on the forehead

uno tras otro los pelícanos volaron hacia el horizonte  one after another the pelicans flew toward the horizon

"fuera de un perro, un libro es el mejor amigo del hombre  "outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend

dentro de un perro, es demasiado oscuro para leer"  inside of a dog, it's too dark to read" (—Groucho Marx)

escribe sus libros bajo un seudónimo  he writes his books under a pseudonym

por el lado que lo mires es impresionante  from whatever side you look at it, it is impressive ('from the side you might look at it...')

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