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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 451 to 460 to know in Spanish:

ojo  eye

cabeza  head

cara  face; side (of paper, coins, etc.)

boca  mouth

salud  f. health

muerte  f. death

sangre f. blood

muestra  sample

corazón  m. heart

pie  m. foot

Words pronunciation: 0:17 (17s)

In the English-speaking world, Death (the Grim Reaper) is male. In the Spanish-speaking world, La Muerte is female.

esa casa le costó un ojo de la cara  that house cost her an arm and a leg ('an eye from her face')

me duele la cabeza  my head hurts ('to me it is hurting the head')

en la tarea la maestra dibujó una cara sonriente  on the homework the teacher drew a smiley face ('smiling face')

por la boca muere el pez  silence is golden ('the fish dies by its mouth')

se dice que la meditación puede ser buena para la salud mental  they say ('it is said') that meditation can be good for one's mental health ('the mental health')

era una cuestión de vida o muerte  it was a matter of life and death

la sangre de sus antepasados gitanos corre por sus venas  the blood of her Roma ancestors runs through her veins

durante el estudio se le tomarán cinco muestras de sangre  during the study you will have five blood samples taken ('from you will be taken five samples of blood')

la sonrisa de la niña le robó el corazón  the girl's smile stole his heart

sus pies lo llevaron al pie de la montaña de 14.000 pies de altura  his feet took him to the foot of the 14,000-foot mountain

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