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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 236 to 245 to know in Spanish:

vez/veces  time(s)

así  like this, like that, thus

e  and

u  or

ni  neither/nor; even, not even

te  you(informal); (to/for) you(informal); yourself(informal)

nos  us; (to/for) us; ourselves

os  you all(informal); (to/for) you all(informal); yourselves(informal)

tan  so

tanto  so much, so many (tanto, tanta, tantos, tantas)

Words pronunciation: 0:29 (29s)

'Una vez' is 'once' ('one time'); 'dos veces' is 'twice' ('two times').

'E' is used instead of 'y' for 'and' when the next word begins with an "ee" sound.

'U' is used instead of 'o' for 'or' when the next word begins with an "o" sound.

érase una vez  once upon a time ('there was once')

a veces  sometimes

rara vez  rarely, infrequently

¡así!  like that!, just like that!, that's it!

así no  not that way, not like that, that's not how to do it

van a viajar por Francia e Italia  they are going to travel through France and Italy

lo querían para ayer u hoy  they wanted it by yesterday or today

no nos quiere ver ni en pintura  he does not want to see us even in a painting

¿por qué estás tan contenta hoy?  why are you so happy today?

¿dónde encontraste tantas hamburguesas?  where did you find so many hamburgers?

Examples pronunciation: 0:36 (36s)

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