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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 256 to 265 to know in Spanish:

mismo  same; -self, -selves (mismo, misma, mismos, mismas)

aunque  although

incluso  even, including

según  according to, as

acuerdo m.  agreement;  de acuerdo con  according to

antes  before

ante  before (e.g., a group), facing

sino  but (i.e., "not this, but…","not only this, but…")

además  in addition, as well;  además de  besides, besides being

entonces  then, that time

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'Mismo' combines with subject pronouns (yo, tú/vos, él/ella/usted, nosotros/nosotras, vosotros/vosotras, ellos/ellas/ustedes) in situations where, in English, we would say "I myself," "you yourself," "they themselves," etc. (yo mismo = I myself, usted mismo = you yourself, ellos mismos = they themselves, etc.)

'Incluso' is often used when what is included is somehow unexpected or surprising.

'Antes' means before in time; 'ante' means before in space (i.e. before the judge, before the audience) or before (facing) a challenge, difficulty, situation, etc.

'Entonces' means 'then' both in the sense of 'if…then' ('si…entonces') and in the sense of an earlier or later time than now.

fue usted misma quien me lo dijo  it was you (f.) yourself who said it to me

es lo mismo de siempre  it is the same (thing) as always

había regalos para todos, incluso el perro  there were presents for everyone, even the dog

antes y después  before and after

ante las quejas del cliente, decidieron devolverle el dinero  faced with the client's complaints, they decided to return the money to him

representa a su país ante la ONU  she represents her country before the UN

los fines de semana no van al colegio sino a la playa  on weekends they don't go to school, but (rather) to the beach

no solo prepararon la cena, sino que también lavaron los platos  they not only prepared dinner, but also washed the dishes

Elisa, además de ser su prima, es su mejor amiga  Elisa, besides being her cousin, is her best friend

este té, además de frío, está amargo  this tea, besides being cold, is bitter

en aquel entonces no había ni celulares ni Internet  at that time there were no cell phones nor any internet

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