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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 166 to 175 to know in Spanish:

lo  the _____ thing; that; it/him/you(formal) [la  that; it/her/you(formal), los  those; them/you all(formal), las  those; them/you all(formal)]

le/se  (to/for) it/him/her/you(formal); le  him/her/you(formal)

les/se  (to/for) them/you all(formal); les  them/you all(formal)

me  me; (to/for) me; myself

como  like, as

pero  but

ha  it has, he has, she has, you(formal) have (auxiliary verb)

han  they have, you all(formal) have (auxiliary verb)

hay  there is, there are

había  there was, there were

Words pronunciation: 0:20 (20s)

'Le' and 'les' change to 'se' when they appear before lo, la, los, or las. I heard one Spanish teacher describe it as "You can’t 'le lo' (sounds like 'lay low' [i.e., hide from the law]) in Mexico," not just because of the extradition agreement between the U.S. and Mexico, but also because 'le lo' always becomes 'se lo' (and 'les lo' becomes 'se lo,' 'le(s) la' becomes 'se la,' etc., etc.).

'Le' and 'les' are often used instead of lo/la/los/las when addressing someone politely.

'Hay' and 'había' are used to describe the existence of something—whether it is one thing, or more than one thing.

lo interesante  the interesting thing; what is interesting

lo que  that which

las necesito  I need them

le envié la postal  I sent him/her/you(formal) the postcard ("to him/her/you(formal) I sent the postcard")

le se la envié  I sent it to him/her/you(formal) ("to him/her/you(formal) it I sent")

necesito enviársela  I need to send it to him/her/you(formal) ("I need to send to him/her/you(formal) it")

se la necesito enviar  I need to send it to him/her/you(formal) ("to him/her/you(formal) it I need to send")

me han enviado los planes  they have sent me the plans

me los han enviado  they have sent them to me

¿le puedo ayudar?  can I help you?

¿en qué le puedo servir?  how can I help you? ("in what you I can serve")

en la cocina hay comida  there is food in the kitchen

había cuatro gatos  there were four cats (there was nobody at the party/concert/event)

Examples pronunciation: 0:39 (39s)

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