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Many words in Spanish and English are similar, but similar words can have very different meanings, so be careful.

Here are words 431 to 440 to know in Spanish:

derecho  law [field of study or practice]; straight, straight ahead [direction]; right-hand, right (derecho, derecha, derechos, derechas)  (derecho, derechos  right, rights)

derecha  right [direction]; right [conservatives]

izquierdo  left-hand, left (izquierdo, izquierda, izquierdos, izquierdas)

izquierda left [direction]; left [liberals, progressives]

dirección  f. direction; address; the management, the leadership

sur  m. south

norte  m. north

entrada  entry, entrance; appetizer; admission, ticket

salida  exit  (salidas departures)

adelante  forward; go ahead, be my guest, don't stand on ceremony, you go first, please come in  (de hoy en adelante  from this day forward)

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Not sure who decided 'derecho' was 'straight ahead' and '(a la) derecha' was '(to the) right,' but thankfully '(a la) izquierda' ('[to the] left') won't be mistaken for either one.

The English term 'directions' (how to get somewhere) is expressed in Spanish as 'cómo llegar' ('how to arrive').

At the airport, train station, or bus depot, 'salidas' are 'departures' and 'llegadas' are 'arrivals.'

la dictadura comenzó a quitarles sus derechos, uno tras otro  the dictatorship began to take their rights away from them, one after another

en las elecciones a veces gana la derecha y a veces la izquierda  in the elections, sometimes the right wins, and sometimes the left

ella es zurda: escribe con la mano izquierda  she is left handed: she writes with her left hand

¿cuál es tu dirección postal?  what is your mailing address?

para hacer bien el amor hay que venir al sur  to do love right you have to come to the south —"Hay que venir al sur," Raffaella Carrà

en la sección "al norte de la frontera" del menú hay hamburguesas  in the "north of the border" section of the menu there are hamburgers

en la entrada del cine se pueden comprar las entradas  at the entrance to the theater one can buy the tickets

en la pantalla de salidas dice que el vuelo sale a las 15.25  on the departures screen it says that the flight leaves at 3:25 p.m.

¿puedo? ¡adelante!  may I? please, go right ahead!

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